Unfortunately we now live in an age where identify theft, cloning and ID fraud are common situations. The time and costs to an individual or a business of information ending up in the wrong hands can be personally and financially devastating.

Using a document destruction service can prevent this danger away though its confidential shredding and destruction service. Using  high capacity,  shredding technology  to safely destroy confidential paper to prevent information falling in to the hands of fraudsters.

Confidential paper is usually collected in special security tagged bags from business premises and transported to a secure shredding facility. The shredding is carried out in a secure, CCTV monitored, room by trained staff. Customers are usually able to witness the destruction of their confidential waste on request.

The shredded paper is then sent a paper mill and converted into new paper products.

At the end of the process a data destruction certificate is issued and as well as giving you peace of mind that your waste has been destroyed, you also have the comfort of knowing you have played your part in helping the environment through recycling