We specializes in security paper shredding and document and data destruction. At Paper Recycling & Shredding Specialists our document shredding services are more affordable than you may assume. With our mobile on site document shredding service, shredding is done on-site so that you can watch your documents being shredded as it happens. Several companies have both one-time shredding services and regular, ongoing pickup and shredding services available. Whether you require a one-time purge of sensitive documents, or a regular scheduled shredding service, we can perform asecure document destruction at your location and your convenience. Paper shredding and on-site document destruction services should be secure and reliable from a reputable company.

We can securely dispose of any and all paper documents. Our shredding system is a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to make sure your sensitive documents are disposed of properly. When you use us you are not only securely destroying your private, confidential information, but you are protecting the environment. Customers can simply drop their documents off or stay and watch their documents destroyed. The best way to securely destroy documents is to employ a third-party shredding partner. Document shredding is a simple and effective way to completely dispose of all personal, private and confidential information.

Our shredding consoles and lockable bins come in a variety of sizes to fit your business or company document disposal and recycling requirements. Proper disposal of records is an important business and personal consideration and a legal obligation in terms of the Data Protection Act. We offer a variety of solutions to make your company more secure, efficient and compliant. Digital archiving of your files is helpful for your business to maximize your acquired business space. After you have filed your tax return, you can get serious about reducing your financial document and old records clutter by shredding and purging them.