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Data Protection for UK business

Data security is very important in business today for a few reasons the most talked about is of course the huge fines that are now applicable but also the damage it would do to YOUR business if your customer database was stolen and given or sold to your competitors! Unthinkable really.

 Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s a great time to get out and purchase that new patio set you’ve been having your eye on for a while too.

Something to remember too is that when you’re out getting that patio set or any other large-ticket item, be sure to always keep your receipts in a safe place, make copies of them and secure them.

Don’t just throw your receipts out after you have made a purchase. If you’re going to dispose of them, shred them first, or consider calling our document Shredding team to come to your business or place of residence and safely destroy them for you.

Identity thieves have been cooped up all winter and may feel the need to break from cabin fever. They know that people are out and about come the warmer weather and they know that people spend more money in the Spring to get those large items that come with receipts that make your personal information and more readily available.


This Spring be aware as you get ready for shopping to get your yard ready for another great season of being out and about. Call 07729 630054 for all your document shredding requirements. or email us mailto:shreddingconsole@outlook.comtoday